air to air

  1. skier

    Mooney Air to Air

    Here is a recent air to air photo shoot with a Mooney. I'm always looking for more subjects. If you're in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, or VT and interested in an air to air photoshoot, let me know.
  2. skier

    Air-to-Air Piper Arrow

    This past Saturday the stars finally aligned after about a month of cancellations. The weather looked good and our schedules all lined up. As we approached the departure time, high-level clouds started rolling in from the west and by the time we were airborne we were completely in shadow. We...
  3. skier

    Air-to-Air Subsonex

    I recently found a Subsonex flying in Connecticut. With a little work I tracked down the owner and we setup an air-to-air photo shoot. Unfortunately this little jet was too slippery for the pilot to comfortably slow down for the Bearhawk I did the Mooney M20J photos out of (...
  4. skier

    Air-to-Air Mooney M20J

    Some of you may remember that last year I was (and still am) looking for people in and around Connecticut that would like photos of their aircraft. See my other thread for some ground-based shots. Anyways, last weekend I...
  5. Mitch Bowers

    Frontier Airbus A320 Air To Air

    I was flying a vertical photography site just above the class B airspace in Denver when the controller mentioned an Airbus at my 4 o'clock and 1000' below and was passing underneath. I got lucky and was able to capture this image. I never know what is going to happen on photo flights...
  6. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - Pilatus PC-7

    An image from a recent air to air shoot near Denver, CO with a beautiful Pilatus PC-7. This aircraft is formerly owned by the state of Alaska.
  7. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - TBM 850!

    An image from a recent air to air with a beautiful TBM 850 over KAPA.
  8. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - Tecnam P2006T

    Here is an air to air image of a very popular twin trainer from Aspen Flying Club @ KAPA, the Tecnam P2006T.
  9. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - Waco

    Here is an image from an air to air shoot with a beautifully restored Waco near Denver, CO on a hazy summer day.
  10. Mitch Bowers

    T-6 Air to Air

    A beautiful T-6 with smoke on over the skies near Denver, CO. The photoship was another T-6.
  11. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - Beech P Baron

    Here is an image of a Beautiful Beech P Baron over Boulder, CO! A rare fog layer made for a great setting this morning, with Longs Peak in the background. Cheers!
  12. Mitch Bowers

    B-17 Liberty Belle Air to Air

    Here is an Air to Air image from 2008 of the B-17 Liberty Belle near Denver, CO. Too bad it is no longer! WWW.IMAGEWERX.US
  13. Mitch Bowers

    Xtreme Decathalon Air to Air

    Here is an image from an air to air shoot this summer near Denver, CO.