1. dfs346

    D. B. Cooper and IFR

    On 12.30.2022, the FBI released its latest batch of declassified files on the hijacking of Flight 305 on 11.24.1971: "D.B.Cooper Part 78". On pages 85-86 we read: "“... during the hijacking the comment was made by the hijacker concerning IFR clearance, "you can pick it up in the air."” The...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    VFR minimums when flying the pattern

    I apologize if these are a little silly from a practical perspective but it's something I've wondered about, especially since the weather here has been completely terrible the last 3 weeks. Now after being grounded for a while -- even flying the pattern sounds appealing just to get out there...
  3. David Anthony

    Far Aim memorization list

    I am currently working on my CFI and have been building lesson plans. Through my lesson plan building, I have seen how many different FAR's are referenced on the lesson plans I bought (backseat pilot). Obviously I should know where to find my references and I have my far aim tabbed well, but...
  4. Mike Gagnon

    Plan to use LNAV or Circling minimums for RNAV approach at alternate

    I'm struggling to understand the significance of text in AIM 1-1-18c.9.(a), where it says "When using WAAS at an alternate airport, flight planning must be based on flying RNAV (GPS) LNAV or circling minima line...". We're already going to be using non-precision alternate minimums (800-2) for...
  5. S

    FAR/AIM on Kindle?

    If anyone uses a FAR/AIM on Kindle,which version of the book from Amazon works best for reference? I am using a Kindle Paperwhite. I love the device, but my success being able to use visual content like maps or diagrams on it is 50/50. That's never been a problem when reading book content...
  6. G


    hi guys , im currently studying for my check ride and I couldn't get a straight answer from my instructor . 1. is it legal to use FAR/AIM to answer the examiner questions ? 2. when is it too much using of FAR in a check ride ? 3. if its legal to use FAR/AIM on an exam , can it be used on a...
  7. J

    G1000 Raim flag/status annunciation

    HI everyone, I was going through the AIM Chapter 1-1-18(I) on RAIM and in the subsection (3) it explains what to do when RAIM flag/status annunciation appears after FAWP. From G1000 manual, I found out the annunication "RAIM UNAVAIL" but I do not know what this flag/status looks like and how it...