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    Looking at a C150

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy a Cessna 150. I have found one that I am interested in. I contacted the owner and he is a mechanic himself. He purchased the airplane from a friend. The airplane had not flown for 5-6 years. He ferried it home and did a annual and got all the instrument...
  2. I

    How realistic are these ownership costs

    I was pretty surprised when I saw this, as he claims you can own and operate a plane for a lot less than I assumed. He has another video where he does a similar breakdown for an Aeronca Champ and he comes up with an even lower cost. Tldr version: he reckons you can get the total cost down to...
  3. blurceo

    SOLD:1967 Cessna 150 for sale $17,500 OBO

    Hangered at 20GA 30 minutes west of Atlanta Registration N6228S Serial: 15067028 1967 Cessna 150 G Flight Rules: VFR Paint 7/10 Interior 7/10 Fresh Annual with all issues repaired except for the Hobbs meter which has been INOPED but all other equipment does work. TT-7500 No accidents and all...