Where in the world can I find a HIMS Psychiatrist?

My HIMS AME has a team he works with in Atlanta. The whole P&P exam didn't cost much more than your quote for just the psychiatrist. The other benefit is these guys work with Delta fairly regularly. They know the standards.
who is your hims ame
I’d look into Dr. Kenneth Thompson in Pittsburgh. He won’t openly admit on his websites that he’s a HIMS Psychiatrist, but he is. Not sure on the price, but he is for the pilots within the regs and has had no problems in the past challenging Mr. Chesanow over various issues.
Fortunately for many pilots chesanow is no longer the chief psychiatrist.
Bascom Bradshaw, straightforward, $1500, albeit may have been COVID derived, but all done remotely.

Dothan AL.

there are others.
Does anyone have Bascom Bradshaw or another FAA HIMS Psychiatrist info close to Michigan?


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