Weather station for backyard strip?


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Mar 31, 2024
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We have had a wireless home weather station for about 8 years. Bought at costco, Accurite brand. It was neat to see the highs and lows, wind speeds, pressure trends, etc. but the years in the weather took their toll on the outdoor measuring unit and the plastic housing failed, causing the whole unit to come crashing down. It still measures the weather in my rose bushes, but thats not as helpful.

I have 17 acres I hope to develop into a backyard strip for my zenith project, and I thought maybe a weather station that I could check by smartphone could be handy. There are several out there...any recommendations?

A wind sock is on my wishlist too!
Davis instruments are the gold standard for weather equipment. If you are a ham, you can use APRS to transmit weather so you know what to expect before you get there. You can run these off solar if you do not electricity nearby.
I got a Weatherflow Tempest a while back. You can ask alexa to get a dump from it as well. I played with turning it into a mini AWOS.
Thats a nice unit! Thanks for the input!