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Feb 22, 2005
Cary, NC
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I have the urge to visit the Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles (KIAD). Any suggestions for FBOs ? Are there shuttles that go there from KIAD ? Tips/Advice always appreciated.
I'm a volunteer there. If you fly in and park at the non-signature FBO (used to be Piedmont-Hawthorne), they can generally give you a lift over to the center and pick you up, either call them on your cell phone or head for the visitor services desk (staffed by the friendly folks in the blue vests) and they'll let you use the phone.

Otherwise, the Washington flyer taxi service will get you there and back. It's probably a $10.00 trip each way, but not sure about that.

Cameras (but no tripods) are permitted, all bags are searched on the way in. Weapons prohibited except for law enforcement.

Lots of great airplanes and space stuff - the Enola Gay, SR-71, and the Enterprise are the most famous, but there's also Bob Hoover's Shrike, a beautiful Stratoliner, the Boeing 707 prototype, and much more.

McDonalds and McCafe (McStarbucks) are on site, as well as IMAX films.

If you come in tomorrow, you'll get to see the Global Flyer arrive.
According to AirNav, Signature great reputation but is a bit pricey. The FBO got bad reviews. There has not been a review of the non-Signature FBO this year on AirNav, though.

Thanks for the reply.
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