Trip Down The Mississippi River To La Crosse (KLSE)

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    With crappy wx moving in for the next week or so I decided to take the day off and fly down to La Crosse. My home base is west of the Twin Cities Bravo so I cut south east and flew down the river. After a full stop for fuel and lunch in La Crosse I landed in Rochester and then headed back home. Distance flown was about 330sm.

    Just about to overfly Winona (KONA) at 4000agl.

    Directly over downtown Winona. I've ridden the Harley here a few times but never done this flight.

    About to enter the left downwind for R31 at KLSE. Lots of water to fly over and some hills off to the south.

    Just turned final on R31 at KLSE. Feels like there is water on ever end of every runway!

    Stopped in at Colgan for fuel. They gave me the keys to a nice courtesy car to run somewhere for lunch. Nice place! Nice people :)

    Departure from KLSE on R36. Lots of water straight ahead :eek: I caught myself turning left crosswind early thinking about an engine out over land vs water. But eventually I needed to cross the river going west so just did best climb in the 182 and headed west.

    The entire day was a scattered layer starting at about 4000 and with tops around 5800 and some pushing 7500. This frame grab from the video makes it look like I'm flying over Antarctica for something. Its actually at 8800msl but the crazing of the windshield makes it look all frosted over.

    Another shot up above the clouds. This was some great VFR cloud flying experience for me. Nothing was changing fast that day and each clump of clouds was followed by another open spot. I am starting to get a better feel for where one group of clouds will end and the next starts. At any point I could just turn around and go under.

    This is the turn to final on R02 at Rochester (RST). The city is quite a ways from the airport so its seems weird for such big runways in the middle of nowhere. Then again a Envoy regional jet was right behind me for takeoff so its getting used!