Single seizure, no neuro. abnormalities



In January I had a single seizure, after which I was admitted to a local hospital overnight and had a number of tests performed including CT scans, MRI scans, EKG, EEG, Sleep Deprived EEG, etc. Everything came back unremarkable and I was released the next day with essentially a clean bill of health (I was never diagnosed with epilepsy or anything else).

I currently hold a 3rd Class Medical + Student Pilot Cert issued in 2004, my state hasn't revoked my license or anything, my doctor even said that he saw no problem with my flying as long as my sleep deprived EEG came back normal, which it did (I understand he's not an AME, so his opinion is bunk, but anyhow).

1) What are the rammifications of this incident (i.e. Can I fly? If not, how long do I have to fume silently?)

2) What does the FAA do to check your medical record (I know they look at the NDR, but do they get any information from any other source other than those you provide?)

#2 I guess is more of a... What happens if I don't mention it, or conveniently forget it at my next medical? Kinda like those don't ask don't tell policies for Sport Pilot.

Thanks in advance!
Not an AME, but...
IMHO, you want to avoid seeing an AME in their official capacity for a long time. Dr. Chien will tell you how long.
You do NOT want to conveniently forget to mention it if you do go in for a medical. If you did that, the FAA won't know about it (they don't have spies going through medical records) until something goes wrong, when you will be hosed big time, likely never fly again, and also discover that, by the way, all that $$ you were paying for insurance wasn't actually buying you anything but trouble.

Go for Sport Pilot. It came along just in time for you.
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Sent an email through the board, didn't know if you got it or if there's another address out there. (Just tried the insightbb address from the AOPA boards and it got kicked back as blacklisted.) Thanks again for your help!
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