Seaplane collides with small boat in Vancouver

The tower didn't give a take off clearance. The tower said "take off is at pilot's discretion" and a warning about the boat.

The normal time you hear this is a helicopter taking off from a non-movement area of the airport, but in this case, the 'runway' isn't under ATC control.
Well, if the boat had ADS-B OUT the pilot of the seaplane would have seen him on his iPad!
The demo starting at 7:10 is enlightening for those of us without seaplane experience.
If you watch closely, you'll see what is called the "Second Rise" which means the floats are ready to plane or get on the step. The first rise is the plowing thru the water. the demo shows both and as soon as the second rise happens, you relax back pressure to allow the floats to plane and eventually fly off.
Whilst the planes aren't given special status, is the runway given special status? (Boats keep out?) For the only local water runway I know of, that is the rule; boats can only cross it at 90° and not run in it. I don't know at what level that will hold up.

There are 3 designated seaplane ops areas on our lake. I don't think they even show up on most marine navigation software or some paper charts, but I have seen them on some charts. I bet most boaters don't even know about the designation, or how to transit through them.

The red ovals with the cross hatching.

It’s interesting but pure rules the seaplane is wrong but this is crazy…I spend a lot of time still to this day delivering boats and congested harbors and sea-lanes are full of people that do not understand or follow COLREGS….summertime in any place may be less then half…I am picking up a 62 Lagoon on Thursday and delivering it to NYC harbor by Tuesday most likely. The first four and last four hours will be the most hazardous with stupid boat owners on the water…Open water and weather enroute is a cake walk comparatively. Hope the injured a quick recovery…

Best job on the planet. I miss delivering sailboats. I hope to get back into it when my kid is grown.
Killing someone with a vehicle remains a reliable way to avoid punishment in this country.
Killing someone with a vehicle remains a reliable way to avoid punishment in this country.
Indeed. Even in the most egregious instances, say, when the driver is found guilty of being drunk, killing two young boys in a crosswalk while racing her boyfriend at 81 MPH, and fleeing the scene in her Mercedes AMG 63, the sentence is laughably inadequate.

I have other comments about the California "justice" system, but will refrain from sharing them.
I don't think it's particular to any state or country to be honest. I remember a lawyer in downtown Toronto hit a bike messenger on purpose, then drove two or three blocks with the poor mangled guy hanging onto the open window screaming for his life before killing him. The driver walked free.

I have personal experience with a young woman being killed in New York and the young male driver got off citing affluenza. No ****, a conviction would "ruin" his life. They took the victim off life support about a week after she was hit.
It *looks* to me like the pilot tried to yank the plane off the water about 5 seconds before impact, and again at about 2 seconds before impact. Hard knowing if this is actually the case, but I’m glad everyone walked (or swam) away. That boat appears to be remarkably intact for having been smacked by a beaver. I wonder what the make was on that thing.
Definitely seems like forward visibility is extremely compromised on takeoff roll. Surprising there is so much video of it around.

You can see quite well over the beaver nose where he was at during his takeoff slide. Interestingly, I’ve also flown tricycle gear planes with worse visibility forward than the beaver has when its on wheels.
Well, if the boat had ADS-B OUT the pilot of the seaplane would have seen him on his iPad!
At least some search and rescue helicopters have AIS.

I can only find UK references via google, no idea if they are anywhere else.



Same helicopter on AIS and ADSB.



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I don't sadly. It was a brief video clip; agreed it's all stories until we get better evidence.