Rules of Conduct (RoC) Update: Effective 9/21/2018

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Mar 11, 2005
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Effective as of 9/21/2018 the Rules of Conduct have been updated to include:

  • Pilots of America is an inclusive community. We celebrate aviation in all of its forms and by any and all practitioners. All are welcome here. We may not agree on all topics, but we welcome anybody with an interest in aviation. Exclusionary comments will not be tolerated. This includes discrimination based on religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender. It is not our goal to be the thought police. It is our goal to make this a welcome place for anybody that shares our passion for the skies.
  • Political/Religious discussions are prohibited. This includes any language or discussion deemed to be political or politically charged in nature as well as any religious speech or text. This language is exceedingly destructive to the cohesion of the community and as such will not be tolerated.

While these rules have been enforced in the past, there has never been any official stance regarding the enforcement. This update is to increase the clarity and expectations between the MC and the PoA Community. Additionally this serves to create a better community as a whole. As a reminder, PoA is a public forum where anyone, member or not, can read the messages posted. It does not behoove any of us as pilots to push out potentially interested people with crude and unnecessary comments as we are entirely inclusive.
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