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Jan 29, 2024
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Adam Air
Hi. I'm a 16 year old looking to obtain a 1st class medical to pursue aviation studies post high school. However, there's this one thing that worries me. I've been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis at age 13 after first episode of symptoms. As of now, all my symptoms are gone and I have been stable since 2 months after my diagnosis (2.5 years), I also never had another relapse. My physical and cognitive state is well within the normal range, according to my doctors. According to Transport Canada, an airman with the relapse-remittion kind of MS could potentially quality for a CAT1. I was just wondering what evaluations from the doctor I should bring to the AME. Also, if any of you guys are from Canada, specifically Quebec, Montreal, I would appreciate it if you referred me to the adequate examiner.
It’s not the MS that will ground you, it’s the treatments and the medicine they give you to counteract the effects of the treatments that will end up disqualifying you. You can get a 1st class with MS but you need to be very careful and deliberate with how you treat and manage your disease. I chose to just fly sport pilot to itch the need to fly. Like you, my symptoms are well managed and most wouldn’t know I had MS but I am choosing to treat aggressively to prevent it getting any worse and to do so means that a 3rd class or higher is probably out of reach. Make sure you fully think this through as MS is a deteriorating disease and if not properly treated will get worse and sometimes suddenly. Just because you may not be able to fly under a 1st class it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still many other ways to get up in the air. You may just need to change your perspective.
Hey thanks for the reply. I am fully aware that MS is chronic and the chances of the illness deteriorating are not low. I have been on Tysabri since my diagnosis and have never experienced any side effects. Do you know the Transport Canada/FAA's standpoint on this treatment? Thank you again