Remicade and UC

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    I saw a post from 12 years ago about Remicade and have read it.

    I have had UC, probably all of my life, but diagnosed for about 3 years. My current GI, whom I’ve been with for over a year is a great guy and is willing to write a letter to my AME, who is also my personal doc of the FAA for that matter. I’m not sure what needs to be in the letter or if anything has changed with OKC in the past 12 years.

    Bottom line is that I’m being treated for the UC with Pentasa 2g/day and Remicade 5mg/kg every 8 weeks. I am totally stable, asymptomatic, and haven’t felt this good in for ever. Been on the aforementioned drugs for 12 months with no side effects.

    I haven’t had a valid medical since 1994 and am very interested in getting a 3rd class, then BasicMed after that if there is no compelling reason to get the 3rd Class renewed.

    Has anyone had any recent experience with the FAA, Remicade, and UC?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have Crohn’s disease and take Humira. I didn’t have any problem getting a 3rd class medical. Speak with your AME about your particular situation before submitting your application for the 3rd class medical.
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    Now offering reverse discounts.

    The quality of your submission can aid or hinder your application. Having your AME help you get what you need from your treading doctor is going to make a difference.

    And often it’s as simple as plain words (no medical thesaurus) saying you are under his care for the condition, you are being treated in this manner, there are no adverse side effects from that treatment, you are taking this medication (dosage, frequency) and no adverse side effects from medications, and you ARE NOT being followed for any bad nasty complications associated with the condition.

    Add to it any supporting documents (lab results maybe).

    But the more you can make your application fit the correct mold, the better.

    The AME guide is available from this link. This can help you prepare to work with your AME and learn what standards the reviewers in OKC are going to use when they look at your application.

    If you find an AME that isn’t willing to be your advocate or first help you by consultation, move on to one who will. You want the doc that will actually help you.
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    Bruce C
    This one is pretty simple, really.
    Biopsy report.
    Current status letter giving history , current meds, statement that there are no side effects of humira, and that you no longer have symptoms. Go to AME who defers and in about 2 months you get a certificate.