Post aircraft pictures you took

Caption this:


My take:
Front seat: Hmm, how are we going to explain this to the CO?
Back seat: Your problem, buddy!
I flew in the one that this was copied from, several times. This was when Lin Wright owned it in the 70's.

The below picture has Lin and Martha in the foreground and my parents in the middle. It is from the Dallas Morning News paper. I cannot remember who was in the background. They flew them into DFW for an anniversary of de Havilland. Lin was my dad's favorite Captain at Continental when dad was hired as a DC-3 co-pilot. They stayed friends but both are now gone.

High Sierra fly-in in 2019 before the crowd arrived:

And after the gathering was full. I liked conditions in the first shot more.

This was taken back when NASA cancelled the Space Shuttle program and handed out all of the shuttles to museums. This one was headed to the Udvar Hazy AIr and Apace Museum run by the Smithsonian out by Dulles Airport: