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    Recently there have been several threads that, while mostly civil, have been crossing the line into political topics. Because of this, the MC thought it would be a good idea to publish a reminder of the policy on political posts and enforcement.

    First, the RoC can be viewed here at any time: https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/help/RoC/

    After the removal of "The Spin Zone" (a subforum of Hangar Talk that existed primarily for political discussions) political content has been prohibited on PoA. Often threads do not necessarily start out as political, but can migrate that direction. The individuals who make posts that are of a political nature are in violation of the RoC and subject to warnings with points, which may lead to a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

    The only exception that we try to allow for is aviation topics that may have a political aspect to them. Since we are an aviation forum first and foremost, we do this to allow for legitimate aviation topics to be discussed. Seeing as the government is involved in the regulation of aviation, we consider this to be reasonable. However, if such threads clearly deviate away from the aviation aspect and get into focusing on the political topic then the thread will be closed and those who are deemed to have made specific political posts may receive warnings with points.

    The MC has at various times discussed whether the Spin Zone should be reinstated. The answer has always been a unanimous vote of: "No." The Spin Zone is not coming back, and we do expect that political topics be kept out of the forum. Other venues exist for political discussions outside of PoA for those interested in such discussions.

    As a reminder, when a warning is issued to a user for a violation, that warning comes with a number of points as well as an expiration date. If a user has a current number of "active" (non-expired) points, then bans are automatically issued as follows:

    25 points: 3 days
    50 points: 1 week
    75 points: 1 month
    100 points: Permanent
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