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Discussion in 'Hangar Talk' started by John Collins, Dec 30, 2014.

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    I am an early adopter of ADS-B and a support of the program. However, I recently submitted a formal request to the FAA to loosen up the 2020 mandate so it would not adversely affect so many aircraft owners that don't have a need for it.

    In summary, my petition for rule making requests the FAA to eliminate the requirement for ADS-B Out equipage for aircraft within the 30 NM mode C veil but that remain clear of Class B airspace. Aircraft that were originally certified without an electrical system are permitted to fly in this airspace as long as they do not enter Class B or C airspace. In other words, they are permitted to use airports under the Class B airspace, but not inside a Class B or C airspace. I am asking that this privilege be extended to those aircraft that have an electrical system but do not have ADS-B Out installed. In my opinion, this is a very modest proposal, but will provide great relief to thousands of aircraft that are currently based at airports who's only sin is that they are inside the 30 NM mode C veil. These aircraft already have a transponder and mode C. I hope that this proposal will make the coming ADS-B system more flexible, less restrictive, and not have as much as an adverse impact on GA as I believe it will.

    I am asking for your help to write to the FAA in support of the petition. You can read my petition at the In the post at!documentDetail;D=FAA-2014-1061-0001

    You may submit your own comments to the FAA by clicking on the comments tab, hopefully supportive and particularly if this includes a testimonial how the current rule may adversely affect you or others at your airport.

    In my opinion, the FAA is not going to eliminate the rule entirely nor should they. In analyzing the negative effects of the current rule, the adverse affects of the 30 NM Mode C to the flying public and the public at large far out weight the benefit of excluding some aircraft that are not equipped, while at the same time permitting another class of aircraft, also not equipped, in exactly the same airspace.

    Comments take one day for review by the FAA prior to being added and must not be form letters or simply indicate support, as they will likely be deleted. The more stories that can be told in support of the petition, the greater chance of getting it implemented. I have done my part, I hope you can support all of us in this effort. Please be constructive in your comments.