New to the group - building a rag n tube plane

Discussion in 'Hangar Talk' started by Eric D Klee, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Hi guys and gals,

    I just signed up. I'm in the 10th year of my Wittman Buttercup "Earl Luce" plans, replica.

    My main interest these days is learning about my lycoming 0-235 engine, power plant maintenance, and learning how to go about having a good engine with self reliance and learned skills to do most of my own work. I have a good EAA chapter of builders, but they aren't coming out of the woodwork as engine guys. Mostly they build and fly and buy new engines.

    I'm as much or more about building something I can be proud of, that I will fly, but flying is not my biggest joy in all this. It's the learning, sharing knowledge and doing the project. Even though I may make parts 3 times each to get them to where I am satisfied, its all fun to me.

    If any of you know the lycoming 0-235 C series, I have both an 0-235c1b and an 0-235c2c, each complete, except one has no carb, but I have a brand new Rotec TBI to install on it.

    My fuselage is basically done. I just finished fitting and welding the engine mount and hung the engine so I could look at it more complete and know that it all lines up right.

    I'm not sure the main thrust of the group, yet. Pun intended. However, I am sure I intend to browse and interject if I think I have anything at all to add. I know more about what I actually don't know, than real knowledge when it comes to planes. So, mostly, I'll be a sponge.

    Thanks for reading and let me know if you have ideas on a starting point (just did borescoping on cylinders), or how to determine what I'm looking at with my engine(s). For example, I did the borescoping, but really am not able to assess whether what I'm seeing is acceptable, terrible or actually pretty good.
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    Lather, rinse repeat!

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    Welcome to PoA. Have you checked out