For Sale: Aircraft New Flying Club in Nashville with Cirrus SR22

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    Jan 21, 2018
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    TopFlight Aviation, Inc is a not-for-profit flying club that is brand new and up and running as of June 1. The vision for the club is to have the optimal plane for every mission. (well not EVERY mission). Hangars at KJWN and KMQY.

    The club is leasing a 2008 Flight Design CTLS for the 2 seater: fun to fly and inexpensive to operate (relatively) while decked out with a modern glass cockpit, TruTrak autopilot, ADSB in & out, and the BRS parachute system.

    The club has also purchased a Cirrus Sr22 G2 with every upgrade possible. A/C, TKS Ice, Dual Garmin GTN 650s, DFC90 Autopilot, and PMA 450A intercom.

    The club is an equity club - all fixed expenses are split equally as dues, and members pay a dry usage rate reflecting the cost of operation. ($30/hr for CTLS and $70/hr for SR22) With 2 planes we have a 15 member capacity, and a couple more membership slots still open.

    Finally, once those slots are filled and we have a waitlist, we will acquire a six-seater plane and expand club capacity to 21, keeping a 7 member per plane ratio to ensure the schedule isn't crowded.

    So ultimately you'll have a fleet of the right plane for each mission, and a great social club as well.

    Reach out to me privately if you wish to get more info.


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    Interested in learning more about the club. Do you still have open spots? I currently fly out of MQY.