Need help with measurements for a gift for soon to be pilot brother


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Apr 3, 2024
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Hey guys, so my brother is working hard to get his private piolets license right now and then eventually commercial and all the related certifications. While he's doing this I'm studying abroad in Ecuador for an entirely different career path, and I want to get him a gift for when he earns his license. I found these pilot certificate holders online but thought it would be much cooler if i had a leather one handmade down here. I'm already in contact with a local leather craftsman and we just need the dimensions of the medical paper on the right side of the picture. Does anyone know these measurements or could you measure them for me? Is the bottom left card the same size as a normal credit card as well? Also thought on this gift in general? Will it be useful for his future career?

Thank you so much!
3 1/2" x 4 7/8" (can prob trim off a tad here and there.

to me that's a little risky, lose one and lose all. "useful to his career?" nope, don't think so. a nice thought though.
What if I added a slot for an air tag and a loop for securing so losing it permanently would be difficult?
One more thing to carry. I just have mine in my wallet.

Passport goes in shirt pocket or a pocket on my carry on bag.
Don't listen to the curmudgeons. It's a nice idea, and your brother will appreciate its uniqueness.

Will he carry it everywhere for the rest of his life? Probably not. But gifts aren't always perfect.
I like that holder. Gonna have to get the wife on the 'zon to find one.
You might consider ensuring that it will fit in an inside coat pocket. Just makes it all the easier to carry.