N/A Why COVID has kept me from flying more

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    Alright, bored out of my mind today after breaking my foot last night. Appointment with Ortho tomorrow to tell me I need it pinned. Figured I'd share what I was working on when I took a tumble. My covid project has run a little long...

    My detached garage didn't have electric. The slab was poorly done with the back 3' broken and separated by an inch...no rebar was used. Was built on grade and had no pitch, the back wall rotten because of it. Had holes in the roof with raccoons living in it. Jacked the whole structure up. Built new taller walls. Poured an actual foundation and new slab and ran electric from my house. Took a chainsaw to the old walls, put the new ones in place, and set it down. Then did the took the roof off. It had a loft, but only utilized about 40% of the available space. Put in a 100amp sub panel, furnace and all ductwork, plumbing, and drywall now. I'd like to think it's a slight improvement. It's been an odyssey... When it's all done I'll have more time to fly. IMG_20200217_132716155_HDR.jpg IMG_20201108_144410807.jpg Screenshot_20210803-141217.jpg Screenshot_20220704-165739.png IMG_20230304_195909433_HDR.jpg
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    You broke your foot? How does that happen?