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    Ok, so I'm usually not the most charitable person out there. And Im typically not a fan of gofundme's but this one is tough. A friend of mine lost her cousin at 32 to SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). Never heard of it before. Skeptical it was a thing, but after autopsy showed nothing it's all they could come up with. He was the breadwinner of his young family and left behind a wife with three kids.

    This Sunday her cousins widow was in a horrific accident and their youngest son lost his life 4 months to the day his father lost his. The mother thinks she fell asleep and blew a stop sign. I'm skeptical and think she was looking at her phone. Thankfully the person she hit was treated on scene. Just an awful situation.

    Like I said, I'm not really a fan of these things but this one made my heart hurt. Knowing what the kids were already going through losing their dad at such a young age and 4 months later losing their little brother. I felt compelled to share the story.

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