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Feb 12, 2024
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i have done my seconded flight in a c172 instead and it was nice a bit hard at the start but besides that it was great i got to learn about how to fly the plane and the controls the checklist and everything
Good advice,
But if you can't get a medical cert., you can still fly with instructor to enjoy learning.... or go sport pilot. If MOSAIC happens, you can still fly 172's and others with the sport pilot.

alright il see if i can get a medical cert
Go to the Medical Topics sub-forum and read the discussions there, and then if you will be proceeding further, schedule a consultation with an Aviation Medical Examiner to determine if you meet the criteria for issuance, prior to getting the actual on-the-record exam.

Take heed: DO NOT omit any information requested by the medical certificate application form. The FAA will discover omitted, undisclosed info, or false statements. If that happens, the closest you’ll get to flying is Seat 27D on an Airbus.