Microair Xpndr, PS Engineering ICS for sal

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    I have acquired these items over the years for evaluation, test, and use in the company test bed 182. They are ALL WAAAAAAY out of manufacturer warranty. I'm not quite sure how to give you a money-back guarantee as I know they all work but if you hamhand them installing them and blow them up, that's not my fault. Two of them are new and one of them was just removed from the 182 for an ADSB installation. Feel free to email me jim@rstengineering.com for pictures if you need them.

    • Microair T2000 TSO transponder s/n T2000-01-00102. Brand new. No manual, no power connector (DIN 27 F). Not a scratch on it. Bench tested twenty years ago and worked just fine. Mounts in a 2.25" instrument hole. $500 unless somebody can convince me it is worth less
    • PS Engineering intercom Model PM1000 s/n MD-06910. Brand new with owner/installation manual. No power connector (DIN 27 M), no faceplate, no knobs. Never been fired up except for a ten minute evaluation test. $200 unless somebody can convince me it is worth less.
    In each case, you tell me how you want it shipped and I will tack on whatever it costs me to ship it. I will trust you to pay me the shipping costs after the fact. As a matter of fact, I'll trust any long-time POA member for the whole thing.