Memorial Day 2023: Wreckage of WWII bomber 'Heaven Can Wait' found, recovery mission a success

Discussion in 'Flight Following' started by Van Johnston, May 24, 2023.

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    Van Johnston

    GEORGETOWN, Texas — The American B-24 bomber named "Heaven Can Wait" was shot down off the coast of New Guinea in March of 1944. All 11 service men aboard were killed. ... In 2023, the aircraft was found in 230 feet of water ... A repatriation ceremony was held for the service members earlier this month and the remains were flown back to the U.S.
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    DPAA is a great Agency and have friends involved with it including Warrior 143 a CH-47 lost in the South China Sea… my good friends brother was lost in the crash. In 2021 in the height of early Covid the dove and found remains but unfortunately not Michael as of yet. A simple google search will give you some insight to this part of our government and it’s mission…