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    Hey just have a few questions because I'm not sure what steps I should take to resolve this problem. Since i was prescribed ADHD meds in high school my local AME told me all I have to do is get re evaluated from the psychiatrist that prescribed me them, have her write a letter saying I'm fine and send it in with the medxpress form. All I see on here is that I need a hims neuropsychologist, which is fine theres one only 3 hours from me.

    1. should I go ahead and get a psychological evaluation?

    2. Is this gonna take years and cost me 10k+?
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    If you were prescribed, you were diagnosed.
    I think your AME is someone deluded. He can't issue based on just what you said. It's no big issue to him if you get deferred for six months and then when your paperwork gets to the front of the queue you can expect a request for information that is not provided. There's a list of things they need for ADHD decisions. It will take a long time to get it approved even if you submit everything right.

    Talk to DocB. If you only took transiently and you have a successful college career or whatever, he might be able to get you issued.
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    Bruce C
    Andrew, depends a lot on the credentials of the prescriber. family medicine docs have only 3 weeks of formal psychiatry training and are not considered "expert" enough to determine "oh he doesn't really have it". That sort of record really means, "someone (with a license) thinks this person is cognitively non-normal".

    There used to be an exception for if you did not take any in College , were continually employed in a STEM field for two years and were well recommended that it wa snot credible. But the agency went the screening batter about eight years ago. About $1,300 and 2.5 hours, pee test after.

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