For Sale McCauley C406 prop

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Located at Biggs Aircraft in Wellston, OK (43OK) and is available now. Includes spinner & bulkhead.

    Model 3A32C406-C
    Blade model G82NDB-2

    TSO 2,634.2 / Time since inspect & reseal 1,467.7

    Overhauled & installed on my F33A with factory rebuilt IO-550 in March 1999.

    Inspected & resealed at Byam in Fort Worth in November 2008.

    It is subject to AD2007-08-04 (100-hour visual inspection).

    The spinner bulkhead was replaced (factory new part) for a crack in November 2014.

    It was dynamically balanced in November 2014 to 0.055 IN/S @ 2415.0 RPM.

    Link for logbook on Dropbox: ... C.pdf?dl=0

    I can contact Eric B. for photos if desired.

    Asking $3,500 & buyer picks up or ships.