Management Council Update (Effective October 11th, 2020)

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    The MC is happy to announce the addition of:
    @nauga @kath @iamtheari @schmookeeg @Ryanb @GeorgeC

    @kath is a professor of physics and flies a 1972 180hp Cessna 172. Kath has flown extensively around the contiguous US and home state of Alaska. As a CFI, Kath gets to mesh a love of teaching into aviation and has an extensive real-world knowledge of general aviation with a very impressive GA record.

    @GeorgeC is a software developer by day, but has been flying GA for over 10 years. George currently has a beautiful Cessna 140A, is instrument rated and is working his way towards a commercial certificate. He also is a partner in a Cessna 182 and brings a lot to the table as a moderator for PoA.

    @Ryanb will be our youngest MC member at 24, but is unequaled in his passion for aviation. He soloed at 17, and got his PPL just a few short months later. He graduated University in May with a BS in Healthcare Administration and now is about ready to progress toward more advanced ratings, in hopes of pursing a career in aviation. Ryan flies and has access to a Piper Archer.

    @schmookeeg will be taking on our technical side of PoA. He has extensive experience as an American Bonanza Society ("BPPP") instructor and flies a IO-550 converted D55 Baron. He has spent 7 years running a flight school as well as has owned a maintenance center.

    @iamtheari is a Lawyer by day, but he is commercially rated and has plans to get his multi-engine rating. He currently has a 1968 Piper Arrow, but is in the process of building a Vans RV14. He has an impressive aviation resume and expects to continue to grow it with a history of being passionate for aviation.

    @nauga has spent his career in the world of flight test. He has flown over 45 different, breath-taking aircraft ranging from military to vintage. He finished building an RV-4 in 2004 and has spent the last few years improving it even further. He will be a true asset to the board on the MC both through moderation and aviation experience.

    It has been an exhaustive search and the current MC feel that we couldn't have gotten a better group to take and lead PoA into the future. This group has a diverse background in aviation as well as career fields to represent the membership, likely even better than the existing MC. To see the beginning process of the search, as well as how this process will take place, see this thread:

    Please welcome the new Management council!