Management Council Update (Effective January 17th, 2020)

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    The MC is happy to announce the addition of @kayoh190 as a member of the Management Council effective as of January 17th, 2020. Originally from Southern California, he started flying from a young age and has always loved flying as a kid. He got his ratings all through Part 61 schools/clubs, and after some instructed started flying Cessna 340s and 421s and Cheyenne II in the Austin, TX area before heading back to SoCal to fly various Citations for a 135 outfit before becoming a 121 pilot. He is currently flying 737s based and living in NYC. He still enjoys GA flying and has recently joined a flying club with a few 172s to get back into that side of things, and wants to learn gliders (although hopefully staying out of the Hudson with them).

    Welcome to the MC, @kayoh190 !
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