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Nov 4, 2016
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Tomorrow my mechanic and I start replacing my engine with an overhauled unit. This is a new mechanic I've never worked with before. The new engine has a Surefly on the left side. My current Piper Comanche 1959-250 has the original magneto filter on the firewall AND a filter on the left mag. (see photo) I'm replacing the entire Interav voltage regulator setup with a Plane Power R1224. Is there any reason to keep the magneto filter box on the firewall for just the right magneto?IMG_1513-mag filters-1.jpeg

I'd be surprised if the caps on the firewall still do anything after 60 something years. The extras on the mags aren't stock and were added by someone to try to fix an interference issue that should have been solved by the ones on the firewall. The question is does that same issue still exist with your current avionics, or are they legacy fixes that were just never removed? Mine is a couple of years older and I have no radio noise with just the ancient firewall caps.

Removing the box leaves two big holes in the firewall where the caps pass through, so not much of a savings and won't look any cleaner. Personally I'd leave the box there. With all the surefly failures I've seen, I wouldn't want to limit my options for swapping back to a mag.