For Sale: Aircraft Looking for Partner/Partnership at Centennial (KAPA)

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    Aug 6, 2019
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    Hi, Everyone.

    I'm a relatively low-time instrument-rated PPL who has been looking to purchase a plane in which to build time and take the occasional XC trip. I've come to understand that the real cost of owning is in the maintenance of the plane and as a result decided to explore partnership opportunities in addition to individual ownership. It seems to me that I'm probably not the only one looking and so I'm posting here in the hopes I might make a connection.

    I'm open to lots of different models, but for now I'm thinking I'll stay away from retracts due to the cost of insurance. Something like a 182 or Dakota (or Cherokee 235) seems about right, but I'd look at something with four cylinders too.

    If you are looking for a partner or are interested in exploring find an airplane to partner on please feel to respond or direct message me for my contact information.

    Thanks for reading!