Looking for HIMS Psychiatrists for Eval Under $2k



I know this is a tall order, but i'm looking for a HIMS-trained psychiatrist to provide an FAA psychiatric evaluation for consideration for a class 3 certificate. The FAA letter is not asking for a HIMS psychiatrist specifically, and they are not asking for a CogScreen, thankfully, but they are asking for someone "preferably" trained in aviation medicine, which leads me to think I should want a HIMS psychiatrist anyway. The problem, to Dr. Chien's point, is that the list is nearly classified. Can anyone (through personal experience or otherwise) recommend a HIMS-trained psychiatrist to do a run of the mill eval (without CogsCreen) for a Class 3 for under $2k? I'm a gov't employee and don't make a ton, and unfortunately this medical process is eating into my private pilot's license budget, so i'm looking to minimize cost as much as I can.

Many thanks!
Your HIMS doc is your best resource. I had a certified counselor conduct an evaluation prior to eventually needing a CogScreen with a PhD dude accompanied by a HIMS Psychiatric eval. My HIMS doc recommended all 3 of these people at the time that they were needed. The counselor was much much much cheaper. Ask your HIMS doc if you have one.
Bascomb Bradshaw Alabama, Dothan I think.
George is semi retired but he does a great job....(!). But you have to present him with the full boat of materials. Direct transfer of the record to his office....takes a while.
Hmm. So it is. I thankfully am not overly familiar with the differences between the two (ok, I didn't know there was a difference at all). My mistake.
My layperson's understanding is that the neuropsychologist is more quantitative (e.g., administers tests, interprets scores, etc) while the psychiatrist is more qualitative.

The former is the person that administers the full HIMS battery of testing, including the COGSCREEN-AE. The psychiatrist makes sure you're mentally stable. Theoretically, you could pass all of the neuropsych's tests and have no "aeromedically significant cognitive defects" but still be considered bat**** crazy (or otherwise in denial about your substance dependence diagnoses or whatever else for which you've been referred) by the psychiatrist. The inverse could be true, as well. Passing one while failing the other likely has a low--but non-zero--probability of happening.

I only have experience with the neuropsych. I am also just some guy on the internet with an opinion. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me.
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A Psychiatrist is an M.D. aka Doctor. They have been through medical school and are trained to treat mental health conditions through that lens. They are looking at your health in totality and especially with regard to affective disorders i.e. emotional disregulation or other conditions that could effect your overall health or quality of life.

A neuropsychologist is a PHD who has received specialized training in assessment batteries and techniques. They measure your quantitative performance on multiple batteries and perform statistical interpretation in the context of your personal history.
Do you still have a list of the HIMS psychiatrists? I'm not sure how to send you a message directly.
Hi there! I'm currently looking for a list of HIMS psychiatrists. Could you provide this to me as well? Would greatly appreciate it.