KI-300 AML to include Mooney M20R

Discussion in 'Technical Corner' started by Nick Galyon, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Oct 10, 2019
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    I have a 2000 Mooney Ovation 2 (M20R). The KI-256 attitude gyro needed overhaul and I researched my options. The recently certified "plug and play" KI-300 looked like a good option. Unfortunately, that model is not included on the AML STC. I called King and got the following response:

    Thank you for contacting BendixKing by Honeywell:

    Hello Nick,
    The Mooney M20R was left off by mistake, our program manager is going to look at all our STC’s for the KFC 150, and 200 to make sure there are no other air frames that need to be added. Then they will submit paper work to amend the AML STC. They did not give me a time frame. I would expect it to be sometime next year.

    I will be closing this case and you will be receiving an auto-generated survey asking to rate our performance. If you have more questions about this subject, just reply to this e-mail and the case will automatically reopen.

    Thank you for contacting Bendix King,

    Eric Shoemaker
    Engineer Lead Field Service
    BendixKing Technical Support
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    "sometime next year" is BK-speak for "whenever we get around to it." The KI-300 was announced in 2015. They said it was supposed to be shipping "in Q4" but did not specify a year. It finally shipped in 2019.

    Because of that, and getting jerked around on repairs to the KFC 150 in our M20R, we're going to tear the entire mess out and replace it with Garmin. G5, GFC 500, and probably a G3X Touch.