International restrictions on General Aviation due to corona virus

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    Rick Gardner
    We are getting many obvious questions about what countries have implemented travel restrictions on General Aviation aircraft and for how long. In order to document the wide range of procedures being implemented, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the countries in our operating region which includes Bermuda, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America. The link below will take you to the public page of our online services website where you can review these lists which are being updated constantly as information comes in from the governments as well as our partners in the region.

    Our Mexico operations Center is operating with only our flight coordinators present, the rest of the staff are all working remotely from home but have access to phones, emails and our servers. There is nobody at our Miami office.

    Please use the following link to review the list of country procedures re; Corona virus
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    Interesting. I have a fly fishing trip in Cuba in May. It was expensive and they don't want to give a refund.
    Looking very unlikely that I can get there.
    Maybe through Mexico in my PA-24