For Sale ilevel 2 SW $600

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    I bought this about a year ago for ADSB in and to get AHRS, and GPS on my EFB. Fast forward to today and I now have a IFD540, ADSB in/Out Transponder and Dual G5's. So I don't need this bad boy any more. It is in perfect condition so far as I can tell. Less than 100hrs of use, never left parked on the ramp up on the glare shield in the sun or anything else like that. I have never had a single issue with it. This thing has had an easy life thus far.

    This was a $1200 unit new. They now have an ilevel 3 for $1,195 but I think the only new feature is data recording on the unit.

    If you are looking for a great ADSB in solution, with GPS and AHRS this is a great one to look at. Here are some more of the features of this unit.

    WAAS GPS (antenna inside)
    Roll, Pitch, Magnetic Heading, Rate of Turn, Inclination, and G-meter data output
    WiFi Access Point (enables +10 devices connected to the same iLevil)
    978/1090 MHz ADS-B receiver for free in-flight weather and traffic
    Integrated solar panels recharge the batteries over time or extend the standard 5-hour battery to 6 hours on a bright sunny day.
    3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers professionally calibrated for aviation-grade performance.
    Micro-USB communication for remote firmware updates, data transfer and battery charging.
    Automatic ON/OFF operation through 3.5 mm audio jack using regulated 5V
    IN/OUT serial communication (allows data transfer to/from other hardware inside the cockpit, i.e. Zaon traffic, panel mounted EFIS displays)
    Operating temperature: -10° to 60° C (14°-140° F)
    Everything integrated in a small package: 3.2"x4.2"x1"

    For more info on their website click here