For Sale Icebox Portable Air Conditioner 12V/24V and Full System

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    IceBox Portable AC and FULL SYSTEM

    The IceBox is a portable air conditioning system, for your car, boat or airplane.

    Order here at the link below. Specs and Info on the site

    For Pilots: No more flying in a scorching hot cabin! Turn ON the IceBox during preflight and cool your cabin down before engine start. Jump in and experience a comfortable taxi and departure to a cooler altitude. Enjoy hours of IceBox cooling power and control your comfort with the wireless remote control.

    For General Use: Use the IceBox portable air conditioner in any environment, with or without available electrical power. Cool down the car or boat with the IceBox, and keep your engines off in the process.


    - AUX Battery for Stand-Alone Operation and Pre-Cooling the Airplane (RunTime: 1.5 Hours, Dimensions/Weight: 7.5x4.5x7, 7.5lb)
    - Pilot's Cable to switch between Ship's power and Aux Battery (useful for preflight, fuel stops and post-flight cooling with engine off)
    - 24V Adapter for use in any 24V electrical system
    - Manual here


    Pictures and Press Below

    Pictures and Press Below