High Performance Endorsement in South Carolina

Jack C-137

Aug 5, 2018
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Jack C-137
Posted this in Flight Following, might be better here:

Any CFIs out there in SC (Or nearby) that have access to a High Performance aircraft and are able to do an endorsement checkout.

I was flipping through my logbook and realized I'd never knocked that one out. I'm willing(ish) to travel, don't mind working with rookie CFIs, don't need to fly a super nice plane, and will leave a good review on the platform of your choice at the conclusion of training...and I'll pay in cash if that helps.

Let me know
Hi, you can try contacting Augusta Aviation, which is on the border of town to SC. I did some flying with their CFI, named Barry. Nice guy. They might have a high performance airplane or else guide you to one.

Augusta Aviation, Inc.
Daniel Field Airport

1775 Highland Ave.

Augusta, Ga 30904

Tel: (706) 733-8970