Help needed for flight log- Flying meets IT support

Discussion in 'Cleared for the Approach' started by skiss, Nov 7, 2019.

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Here is the situation, I use my personal plane for business travel. I am an owner/pilot. For the past several years I have been pushing 200-250 hours per year. After several years, I stopped tracking my hours as it seemed to not really provide any benefit and the software cluge broke.

    Historically, I used to use my Garmin 396 via serial cable to download to a Windows 95 Garmin Software (Garmin Flight Log- I think). I babied that solution for years making it run in a VM on my Mac. Eventually, even that died and the Garmin 396 would just scroll flight history off the flights as the memory filled.

    I always fly with the portable garmin 396 but also put the flight plan in my Garmin GTN650. I have searched high and low for some documentation to download the flight log on my GTN. This never seemed to get anywhere.

    I also fly with Seattle Avionics FLY-Q... they recently added logging but its pretty crude and doesn't help me for all the previous years. Oddly the data from FLY-Q is of poor quality as my GPS connection fails often (2-3 per flight). The interruptions of the GPS link to the IPAD creates coordinates as start point such that the log typically shows 3 flight segments for every leg. This never impacts my flights as the interruptions must be very short.... but makes my logs look like Swiss cheese.

    Finally- I always use some sort of ATC enroute services, so most (all) of my flights do show up by tail number in online flight tracking software like Flightaware.

    Thoughts and opinions welcome:

    1. Does the GTN track flights in a log that can be downloaded?
    2. Does anyone else see this problem with FLYQ (Stratux from Seattle Avionics is the source)
    3. Anybody able to still download the 396 data using some serial format?
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    Aug 21, 2008
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    I’ve been using MacGPS to download from both the Garmin Pilot III and the 296. But, it is a 32 bit application and won’t work past 10.14. Check here, you’ll find more details, might have a solution.