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    Jul 22, 2020
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    I hope this post will not be considered spam. neither I nor anyone else is making any money off this whatsoever. Akash and I are just trying to help others. we don't think pilots can get this elsewhere, either.

    As newish pilots in my airplane, we wanted to film our takeoffs and landings together with basic telemetry information for later home review (rather than just see the recording). this gives me a much better idea later of how we did.

    I also wanted to see my speed at eye-height in large letters. call me paranoid. I don't ever want to get too slow on banking to final. my airplane does not have a stall warning, nor do I want to get close to a stall warning. (and I wanted aural and visual alarms.)

    so we spent a few months putting together an iOS app for pilots. it's pretty neat. the basic explanation is https://learn-to-fly.info/ , and everyone can download the app if they wish. it's free. no ads, no money, no nothing.

    akash and I hope a few pilots will find this to be useful and fun.

    ivo welch (and akash munagala)