Happy Columbus Day

If only I had it off!
One of my ten, errr make that now, eleven most favorite federal holidays.
Just change "Columbus" to "indigenous people" and call it a day.
At least one federal agency did this years ago. I once saw a stat that something crazy like 15% of all searches had never been searched before

Well, definitely a first for me to search federal holidays by date, looking for the name
09 October was also Leif Erikson day.

Being a 100% Italian living in the Norwegian enclave of Ballard in West Seattle, and having a Norwegian plane partner for 20 years led to some interesting conversations.

After some research, I had to finally and reluctantly agree, the evidence supports Leif Erikson and his band of intrepid explorers having departed Iceland heading west as the first Europeans to encounter the New World 500 years before Columbus.