Getting a PPL while Globetrotting


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Aug 24, 2023
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Hello. I am interested in obtaining a PPL and possibly an instrument rating to take back to the United States. Currently, I am in Australia and I will be stopping by France eventually to see some of my family. I am aware of 14 CFR 61.75 which states the issuance on a private pilot's license based on a foreign license. I remember reading somewhere that this all has to do with Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements (BASAs) between countries, which leads me to believe that not all countries fall under 14 CFR 61.75.

So which countries have a BASA with the United States where bringing a PPL / IR to the United States is straightforward and where can I find this list?

I don't know about these days, but a while ago, I met an Aussie who came to the US to do all his ratings as even with cost of coming here and living and the training, it was a fraction of the cost of doing flying in Australia.

But, at least at that time, they were BASA