G3X-Gnx375-G5 Ahars/Data and quotes

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    Jun 2, 2019
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    Hello I am from Chile, but I can bring home from the states as many items as may be sold to me over the counter. I am planning an upgrade for my 206 and have mainly three options:
    A) Keep my Kap 150 and Bk Att and Hsi, and add a Gnx 375 to replace my Trimble 2000.
    B) Gnx 375 + 2 G5’s
    C) Gnx 375 + one 10” G3X + one G5

    Although Rnav Apps are thriving in Chile I am not planning nor really needing them since I’ll fly mainly Vfr with Ifr and ILS being a backup.

    Of course I am tempted of just throwing in the G3X and call it a day but it shall cost me around $12.000 more. Keeping my actual att/gyro setup keeps my autopilot, going for the G5s does the job and saves money.

    I have Garmin Pilot and the GDL50 right now and I liked the synth vision a lot, though I expected the Ahars to be more stable. I don’t know which ahars the gdl50 comes with, have doubt about the Gnx375 one, but I do expect the G3X’s Gsu25 to be a fine reliable one, of course. Will all of them behave the same for streaming attitude to the Garmin Pilot? Will the G3X stream air data also?

    I have read some topics here and I expect a setup like C to be about 60-70 man hours installation, maybe 10.000-15.000 only for installation? Chilean charges are very similar to Us ones for that matter.

    Any guidance welcome