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Jon Wilder

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Oct 19, 2015
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Hi all. I'm flying from Fresno to Hemet and planning the following route -

KFCH -> FRAME -> V23 -> EHF -> V197 -> PMD -> Cajon Pass -> Banning Pass -> KHMT

I'm planning to cruise at 9,500 MSL in a 172.

Any concerns I should have about this area? I see Palmdale is rife with military traffic. Are they usually that high up? Just something to be extra diligent about?

Let's hear from those familiar with this routing. Thanks in advance.
I’m not familiar with your area but I did put this into foreflight and looks fine to me. For Cajon Pass there is an identifier VPLCP. I couldn’t find Banning Pass (I didn’t look hard just a quick visual at the sectional) and I did not input it. Highest point on the flight path profile was 7,671’.

Altitude wise you are fine at 9,500’, and before and after the Cajon Pass there is a road (before) and highway (after) so you have a landing spot if needed.

I’ve never been too concerned with military traffic, ATC would inform you of traffic en route and typically tell you to stay at an altitude and they would tell the military traffic to stay at a designated altitude. When in doubt you can always do flight following.

Do you have ADSB-in? I think I’ve come close to hitting a Eagle (suddenly came probably within 20’ of my left wing, but just fly the airplane and let them do their thing and hopefully move out of the way. They are smart birds.
I am in KHMT now when I head your way I go HMT direct Porterville that takes you through the Cajon pass you won’t be close to the banning pass so if you go direct Porterville direct KHMT that’s the shortest route , have a good flight. Windy today
Be cognizant of high winds over the Tehachapi mountains. Rotors and mountain wave are possibilities.
I'm in Fullerton KFUL and very familiar with the area. At 9500 I would plan the following and use flight following:

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Hit the airport cafe at HMT and order “the mustang”. You’ll thank me later
It’s closed now her husband died a week ago not sure when it will reopen.
I'm in Fullerton KFUL and very familiar with the area. At 9500 I would plan the following and use flight following:

Agreed this is the "safer" route and what I now do headed out to that area from NorCal unless it is a dead calm day. I have gotten into some SERIOUS up and down drafts as well as turbulence on the proposed route when the winds are moving.

It is easy peasy to stay East of BUR and North of the I-10 which keeps you outta the big iron flight paths into the LA Basin
any of many routes will get you to KHMT I don’t fly over heavy populated areas anymore in a single engine plane I personally would take the porterville direct hemet route lots of options if any thing goes wrong I flew out of Fullerton for 20 years and you are in a box there also the railroad tracks are about it till you get high enough to make Long Beach I guess I am just getting old when will you be in hemet the cafe is open again.
Jon @Jon Wilder just curious what route you flew?
So I didn’t end up at Hemet. I had originally chosen that airport over Perris Valley (L65) because it had food and fuel. But later learned the person I was meeting would’ve had to drive 45 mins vs 10 mins to Perris Valley.

So we flew to Brackett Field (KPOC) for food and fuel, then to Perris Valley. We flew KFCH FRAME V23 VAZCU, then down the VFR flyways via San Fernando Reservoir, Tujunga Wash, Rose Bowl, Santa Anita Racetrack, into Brackett Field. We had breakfast, fueled up, then proceeded down the flyway via Pomona and Paradise VORs, then Lake Mathew’s into Perris Valley.

Same route back.