For Sale Free! Homegrown Tug attachment for lawn tractors

Discussion in 'The Classifieds' started by Blatham489, Apr 29, 2023.

  1. Blatham489

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    Jul 4, 2013

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    Free for the effort of picking it up! I built this trying to save a few bucks to attach to a lawn tractor as my tug. Works well on level ground but not suited for really steep slopes (I have a 5+deg slope going into the hangar). It will work best for castering nose wheels like Cirrus,Tigers, Diamonds etc.The on-ramp needs to be made more gradual.

    Located in Kerrville,TX, (near San Antonio), doesn't disassemble, probably 100lbs ish. Hate to see it go to waste, would drive up to an hour to make it a bit more appealing.

    Overall rough dimensions 36" W x 56" L x 12" H
  2. Ray Goodson

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    Sep 5, 2022

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    Mr. Latham. I'm interested in your Tug attachment, if it is still available. I'm from Brackettville and periodically go to the VA in Kernville. I'm scheduled to go again in mid-May (don't have the exact date handy). My number is 830-563-9266, please leave message with your number or post here, and I'll return your call. I'm also willing to pay for your efforts and materials you expended in building the Tug. Let me know. Thanks, Ray Goodson