For Sale: Aircraft Five Planes for Sale Starting at $22,500

my feedback is that I simply can't stand the website. always look forward to looking at 5 completely random planes just for the heck of it, but that website has gots to go. too many advertisements, unwanted popups, hideous layout, yadda yadda. sorry man, that's how I sees it.
Interesting point. Seems like there is more info on that page for someone wanting to buy a house than someone looking for an aeroplane.
Can't dispute Dr E. the ads are annoying.

But that Mustang II was interesting. I was looking at one before I bought Candy.

I guess the pop-ups and advertising might be the cost of plane porn.
Yep it looks like you are renting a little space form the advertisers :) I know that nothing is free and there may be a balance to strike with ads vs content on a website, but this isn't it. It's that big one at the top of the page that kills it imo.
Like the Thorp and the Mustang II.
Thanks for the feedback. Good point about the ads. I'm trying different magnetization sources right now. Will most likely be removing ads in the next weeks.

As far as the popup goes, I hate it, but it's really effective. In all honesty I've tried getting rid of it, but the email list just doesn't grow without it. Would definitely be open to different options/ideas from y'all.
Just removed a few of the ads. Definitely looks better. I think I need to start focusing more on deals with brokers and getting airplanes sold for people.

Have any of you ever used a buyer/search agent before? I've been approached a couple of times to do that for folks, but it either didn't pan out, or I didn't feel comfortable at the time of the proposal.