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  1. Hi, I was hoping to get advice on what is going to happen to me next from the FAA. I will try to keep my situation short

    so I initially applied for a first class medical during college in May of 2021. I submitted my application and received a letter in the mail in July of 2021 that I was initially denied due to “ADHD”, “previous history of alcohol abuse” and “epidural hematoma injury”. I will explain in the next paragraph.

    For the ADHD issue I was never diagnosed. I simply was prescribed adderal from a doctor because I told him I couldn’t focus. Back in July of 2022 I met with a Neuropsychologist in Texas and passed the exam with excellent scores. A lot of my score were higher than the average airline pilot scores.

    I have never abused alcohol but since I had my epidural hematoma injury that involved alcohol they flagged me for alcohol abuse. I only had a few drinks that night and the alcohol had nothing to do with it; but I tripped and fell down my stairs and hit my head so hard I needed surgery.

    I have been abstinent from alcohol since September 22nd of 2022. I have been getting blood and urine tested for alcohol/drugs since then and have not failed a drug test.

    I have resubmitted all of my paperwork on December 10th of 2022 and have been waiting 5 months now for the FAA to get back to me. I have an AME helping me with the process.

    I’m curious what the FAA will likely have me do from here on out to obtain a first class medical? Will the FAA just blantatly deny me again? Will the FAA give me a list of more ridiculous tasks to complete and wait longer before I can start flight training?

    Any feedback is appreciated thank you
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    Why have you been getting blood and urine tests ever since you fell down the stairs?
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    Brad Z
    Sounds like it was only since September 2022 when he gave of alcohol completely.
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    Bruce C
    Well yes according to what you wrote you drank to physical injury = abuse if true. And ANY use of alcohol is defined after abuse, to be dependency……

    you will need to become educated as to the difference between abstinence and of recovery. They are NOT the same, and become conversant with the “12 steps” AND. Be able to articulate that to a HIMS psychiatrist.

    the subdural will require both neurologist follow up and a Neuro cognitive exam, and in addition, documented attendance at AA.

    ….you have quite a lot of work to do…..
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    So “a few drinks” of alcohol had zero effect on your motor skills?
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    I realize you believe you don’t have medical issues, but when you need medication because you “couldn’t focus” and fall down stairs after a few drinks the evidence does not support your opinion.

    You also you applied for the medial your first year of college. Were you age 21 when you were drinking?