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  1. Has anyone had recent experience with the turn around time out of OKC when the request "more supporting documents?"

    In June, my HIMS AME submitted my entire packet....I gave her EVERYTHING....neatly organized...
    (maybe she didnt submit everything I gave her or maybe they lost a few things?)

    End of of August, they are now requesting some random documents....driving record, court documents, the SAP counseling papers...again, things I had already submitted to her office...

    So Monday, I over-night'd the requested documents. Will is be another 2 months??

    Thanks for your insight..
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    FAA HIMS/AME/ATC flight doc
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    Bruce C
    Overnight USPS = 2 weeks The documents go through the MacArthur Decontam center, then a week currently is the time to "get scanned".

    Overnight FedX = 1 week to get scanned.

    After the Ted Kocinski debacle, congress passed a law that carriers had to keep record of who sent the package (DL, i.d, etc) but the USPS was waived until 2021 because of "hardship" on minorities and disadvantaged So, the package form the USPS can still come from an unidentified chemical/bio attacker. FedEx wants your driver's license!

    Then after that there is about 3 weeks of "getting to read the documents".
  4. ....thanks for everyone's insight...

    will continue to wait...