FAA MedXPress - forgot a few things (question 18y specifically)

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  1. I neglected to read the questions thoroughly. As I was scrolling through the medical topic forums I stumbled upon the recent case against the four pilots. Now I realize that I have omitted (no excuse really I do read and write English) reporting VA disability payments for the last couple of years (question 18y) since I retired.

    No medications or PTSD mostly just normal wear and tear from a fun military career.

    I am considering filling out another MedXPress and redoing my medical (1st class in May 19).

    I am not in a paid flying job, probably never will be but I do hold commercial ratings and want to get an ATP one day. Certainly don't want some shocker if I decide to lose money and get a real flying job.

    Thoughts about how to dig myself out of this one? Letter to the FAA stating that I am a big dummy and won't do it again?
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    Sorry, but not likely you have been getting a disability check each month for 2 years and when asked on the medical form you forgot. Nor is likely the question is confusing and you misinterpreted.

    By getting a 1st class medical when you didn’t need one probably put a bullseye on your back to have your name checked in the VA records and I don’t believe a letter to the FAA saying your sorry I forgot is believable.

    I would get a new Class II medical ASAP with the truthful information on the form and hope a form with a disability box checked in your file stops your name from being on the next VA check.
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  3. Thanks Clip. I asked for advice I guess that being judged comes with the request. I certainly didn't read the question well enough and/or didn't think it applied. Hell I don't remember what I had for breakfast sometimes.

    I didn't say I never ever wanted a paid flying job just that at the moment it would be a pay cut and this certainly isn't my initial 1st class medical.
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    Clip wasn't judging you. He was pointing out, quite accurately, how the FAA is going to see and interpret this.