FAA Certified Letter after 15 Months for Eye Issue



Background: https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/mri-outcomes-and-class-2-medical.137552/

Welp, it looks like AAM-300 got around to reviewing my ‘22 2nd Class and sent a request for more information. My AME is at a loss for words because we sent them everything without them asking and they have still came back for more information. Additionally, they want a complete neurological evaluation in addition to a new eye exam and MRI. My AME doesn’t understand why they’re requesting a neuro after my neuro-optometrist cleared me with no negative findings beyond an unknown eye issue.

I contacted AMAS for assistance and they politely decline beyond reviewing my paperwork prior to submission. They said they due to the issue being unknown, it being a major symptom of MS, or very severe OSA the FAA will likely not approve an SI.

My other issue is I cannot get into waiting pool for the ONE neuro-optmetrist without a referral and they’re booked out at least a year or more. I can’t get into a regular neurologist as I’m not dealing with an active stroke or brain injury. So the odds of me sending in the requested information with a cognitive test in 50 days is zero.

All of this for a EYE issue that is correctable to 20/20. Anyone have any suggestions or is this a lost cause?
You’ll need to find someone who can clear up the “unknown eye issue” and provide the FAA with a definitive diagnosis. The FAA doesn’t handle unknown causes of medical issues very well.
The FAA doesn’t deal in unknowns. Sucks, but it is what it is. The vision standard isn’t the issue, it’s whatever caused the degradation. Without knowing what caused it, the FAA won’t issue.

There’s likely more to this issue and you don’t need to share it here.
Neuro optometrist? or Neuro-ophthalmologist? The former is NOT recognized @ FAA.
An episode of double vision or a loss of part of a visual field does need followup, as it is a special issuance....

That's why they are demanding current evaluation....get 'er done....