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    Past few days had a cough nothing special. had new onset of right sided cp with deep inspiration last night. Went to bed fine. Work up 4am with worse pain. Couldn’t get comfortable. No exertional symptoms no sob. have of pleurisy with identical sx a few years ago. Abundance of caution and at wife behest I run to the ER. I know most of those ppl. I get there get an EKG-normal. X-ray normal. Get labs troponin and d-dimer Normal. In past a shot of toradol and steroids and I’d be on my way.
    This time the cardiology crew happened to be rounding in the am(I know those cats too) and pop in and set me up for a stress test in the ER. Figured they’d be doing me a favor and rule out cad. I do the stress test to 12 metals Bruce protocol and everything normal. Walk out with expected toradol and steroids in the afternoon.
    Great! good for me. But now what!?!
    I have a second class medical just got. Know I will have to disclose at next medical will bring all Er records.
    Non cardiac chest pain. Abundance of caution a nuclear ekg stress test was done Bruce protocol to plus 10 min and plus 10 Mets. Was normal.
    Heath wise yay! But did I just banish myself to SI forever???
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    no SI if no disease. take records to your AME. FAA may want to see them.
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    Bruce C
    I second this!