Eagles Mere PA (Merritt Field - 4PN7)

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    What a wonderful small town, airport and car/aviation museum!

    Was supposed to have been a flying trip, but the weather was very uncooperative, so it was a drive-to. The town of Eagles Mere started out as a retreat for the 1%-ers as is evident from the size and quality of the homes surrounding the lake. Was quite the place in the mid-to-late 1800's. We lodged at the Eagles Mere Inn (which will provide transport to/from the airport). Nice place! Small but well done historical museum in town with a few trendy shops and a bookstore. A 4th of July parade where probably most of the town took part. Don't need a car as the town is compact and easily walkable. Staying at the Inn give you a temporary membership to the Eagles Mere Association, which gives you access to the lake, beach and facilities. When my wife planned the trip, she made the reservations for Wednesday-Friday, not realizing the car/aviation museum was only open Saturday/Sunday. However, in a discussion with a staff member at the Inn, we were invited to come over on Friday as her Mom runs the museum!

    The car/aviation museum was superb! Brochures for the place attached as well as a few photo's which do not do it justice. Merritt Field is private, so permission is needed to fly in. The airport itself is immaculate, a lot of time, effort and money has been expended.

    Well worth the effort for a mix of history and aviation.

    Eagles Mere Inn

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