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    Jim Meade
    I'm an EAA member who joined the Warbirds because I enjoy the magazine pictures and stories. I don't own and never flew a warbird.

    I get this buff colored postcard IMPORTANT MEMBER VERIFICATION NOW DUE. OMG. What's this? I call a Warbird buddy who says, "yeah, I got one. I think it's OK, I'll probably call them tomorrow".
    So I call and it's this very slick, extremely polished, incredibly persuasive salesman who starts with the contact info and then get's into the pitch of how to put me in this grand book only two payments of $169.

    Well, I don't know what to say. I'd be ashamed to be in a book with F-16 jocks, Cobra drivers, KC-135 masters. But, he says, it's OK - I can put my little GA airplane in there - that's good , too.

    Uh, I joined because I like the magazine.

    Well, if you like the magazine you'll love the book.

    Yeah, maybe not.

    EAA Warbirds can be sure of one thing - next communication I get from them goes right in the trash. If they want to sell me a book tell me up front they're flogging books, don't dupe me with this phony data update pitch.

    Yes, I was a sucker once - and may be a sucker again - but not for EAA Warbirds. Thanks for the education, fellows.

    "Tally ho, mates, bogies at Angels 21" "break right, he's on your 6" "no joy, lost him in the clouds" "look at him burn" by golly, I think I'll take a break and watch Twelve O'Clock High. I got myself all worked up. Where's my last month's copy of EAA Warbirds? Bird cage! Drat, woman, have you no respect? That's a Corsair the bird is dumping on. Yeah, if I got the book she'd just tear the pages out and line the bird cage. What's a fighter pilot to do?